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Formula PX Glass Cleaner is one of the most versatile glass cleaners on the market today.  Developed as one of the first windshield washer fluids used in cars in 1956, it has stood the test of time, being a premier glass cleaner.  We have users around the country that have it shipped to them when they cannot find it in a  local store.

Why should you buy Formula PX Glass Cleaner?  Check out these advantages! 

High customer satisfaction
Leaves no residue
Will not freeze to 20 degrees below zero
Cleans all nonporous surfaces
Polishes glass and shiny surfaces to a diamond like finish
Saves customer time and money - no going back over areas so less product used

Where can you find Formula PX Glass Cleaner?  It is available at Hardware Hank Stores, Trustworthy Hardware Stores, Cenex Stores, some Ace hardware Stores and some Napa Stores. 

Can't find it locally?  Call 888-807-2535 or go to website http://pxproductsco.com to find a store near you or have it shipped directly to you.